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bill schiller

An Experiment in Persona Management: Clearly a Work in Progress (Part 1)

on Thu, 08/11/2011 - 22:53

by Lloyd Baron, Ph.D.

April 2011


 "In fertilizing this online media mind, we are, in essence, igniting the growth of ubiquitous marketing minds that are selling and being sold 24/7, continually convincing others while never quite convinced themselves. If I am always selling and being sold to, what are the rules of engagement? What is an appropriate model for social media governance where everyone gains from having no rules?"


Social media marketing has engulfed the internet; corporations and organizations battle for the attention of consumers on new and treacherous terrain. In two parts, I will try to demonstrate (through  Bill Wasik’s “Bill Shiller” false persona experiment) that the new era of social media marketing may be much more complicated and the consequences much more impactful than just drafting a few lines of appropriate and, most probably, unenforceable conduct code.